Most Addictive and Fun Online Games Ever Made

Most Addictive and Fun Online Games Ever Made

People play online-based games as a loving hobby to help make them busy while they try to beat their score. Well, whatsoever the reason for your game we have joint a comprehensive list of five Most Addictive Online and fun Games Ever Made. It will keep you well entertained and well informed. Without any further ado, here is a list of these addictive online games.


Bejeweled is actually one of the most addictive online pop games. It is an online game available on various mobile platforms such as Face book.You can play the game without automatically signing in a Face book account. It is beautiful, easy and free of hassles. All you have to do is explode the maximum number of gems as you can in a particular amount of time .This is by swapping them with each other. The online version is based on HTML-5 and consists of of two distinct modes. Firs the Speed mode and second one is Classic mode. In Classic mode, you have to play game and finish the various levels while in speed mode, your task involves explosion, may gems as you would within one minute.

Happy wheels

Most individuals in the online gaming planet have loved this addictive online game. It is a counter physics-based type of game designed by Bonacci Jim. Happy Wheels involve a certain amount of playable game characters that make use of unique typical vehicles to be able cross the numerous levels in the game. The most important objective of Happy Wheels is to make it to the exit. You have to choose a vehicle and attempt to figure out in an ideal way for you to exit.

Happy wheels is mostly known due to its graphic violence and ability to measure client created content that its players deliver any time, with happy wheels maps shared to an open server.

With a little bit characteristic twist, you will get a real sensation of what an accident entails. It can happen and is completely normal. You will also a legitimate picture of how misfortunes can occur and may eventually lead to bone cracking, loss of consciousness, and termination.

Angry Birds – Chrome based

Angry birds is a popular game that you will not miss to see. You will be in goodwill of the birds to take revenge from the pigs for tempering the eggs in this online game. Angry birds have more than 250 distinctive levels that you play. Nevertheless, there is ONLY one catch; you will have to sign in using your Google account so you can then be allowed to play extra levels.
If one wishes to play this game and doesn’t has a Google account, you can download the game as a web app from your Chrome Web Store.


Helicopter is a tremendously straightforward; it is based on HTML5- in which your aim is to control the available helicopter. The helicopter is mainly controlled by clicking the mouse. You need to continue holding the mouse click to maintain the helicopter in air and avoid any snag that may come in your way. Figure out to the extent you can probably dodge them.

Line Rider

Line Rider online game is like the Line Flyer since you can press play, create a track, and then observe your little man navigate the path you just created. Your help button provides good information that aids you in construction of a track in Line Rider. When the track is built, make sure you press play, and then watch your man run your track. Odds are low that he will fall or crash to demise which is cool.