Most Safe Method of Consuming Your CBD – Should You Eat, Inhale or Apply?

Most Safe Method of Consuming Your CBD – Should You Eat, Inhale or Apply?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is among the many cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. Studies have shown that CBD has beneficial health effects and can heal pain, anxiety, inflammation, and much more acute ailments. There are a variety of CBD products like CBD gummies, vape oil, cookies, capsules, and much more.

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What are the different consumption methods associated with various CBD products?

You may ingest, vape, apply, spray or rub based on your choice of CBD product.

  1. Vaping Method – You can use a vaporizer to convert the CBD oil into vapors and inhale them into your lungs. This method is more effective as CBD directly enters your bloodstream to interact with your endocannabinoid system (ECS) for faster action time.

You can vape using CBD vape cartridge or vape pen to get instant and quick relief from acute pain, anxiety or depression. Its effect lasts for 30-60 minutes.

  1. Sublingual Method – You can measure the required dosage using a dropper and put a drop from CBD oil or tincture under your tongue. Hold them for 2-3 minutes to allow CBD to enter the tiny capillaries of the mucus membrane of your tongue. CBD travels through membranes and capillaries to reach your bloodstream.

It takes around 50-60 minutes for CBD to act and shows slow effectiveness than vaping. It results in CBD effect to last longer between 5-6 hours.

  1. Ingestion Method – In this method, CBD has to complete the long process of digestion and metabolism to dissolve into your bloodstream. CBD takes much longer time, around 30-40 minutes for its effectiveness in alleviating your ailments like skin inflammation and muscle spasms.

CBD gummies, cookies, capsules and pills are used for this method of consumption. You can feel its effect for 6-12 hours.

  1. Topical Method – CBD products like balms, spray, lotions and roll-ons are applied on the ailing skin area. CBD passes through the layers of your skin to enter into your bloodstream.

This method is more effective for skin inflammation, muscle cramps, backpain, and other muscular joint pains related to arthritic patients.

Which method is the best and safe method?

A high dosage CBD has mild side effects like vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness and dry mouths. As a safety precaution, experts suggest to start with small dosage of CBD and then increase till you feel relax and comfort from your ailments. You must refer the product label for dosage and CBD concentration in your product.

Generally, you may not feel comfortable to vape in the public places or office but its quickest and safe way to consume. In such cases, you can easily carry CBD edibles and topicals in your backpack to use them for your pain-relief. You must check your compatibility with different consumption method and composition of your CBD product as they have different effective time. You need to wait for its effective time without over dosing yourself.