How to Get Business Executives to Take Part in Academic Studies

How to Get Business Executives to Take Part in Academic Studies

There is no better way of learning a subject than learning it from practical experience. Business studies is a very common subject that many students have to learn in the university. Production Management, Supply Chain Studies, Industrial Engineering, are just a few departments. To make the perfect use of these business studies, the best option is to learn from the professions themselves. And who else other than business executives can do the job? But getting a business executive to take part in academic studies will not be easy. Let’s be clear, why would someone spend time on an academic study if there is nothing to gain from it? 

So, What Are the Challenges?

The first challenge is communication. If you are looking for some hot shot business executives, it may be impossible to connect with them. In that case, the student can ask for the university’s help. Generally, universities have many connections with higher ups which may bring some kind of help.

Second challenge is, even if you could contact a business executive, there is a big possibility that he/she might not want to take part in the academic studies. Because time is money. And these people are pure business people. You must show a good reason so that the business executive cannot turn down. You have to make them an offer they can’t refuse.

How to Catch the Attraction of Business Executives?

The main way to attract the attention of a business executive is to present something innovative, new and promising. Make some study groups, discuss together and come up with an idea which is very interesting. An idea that the common folk will like and easily understand.

Make a colorful yet decent presentation of that idea. You can also contact the university authority and hold a seminar where famous business executives are invited to share their outlooks, thoughts and future plans on the current business situation. There you can make a survey and request them to take part in it. By this you can get their professional opinions on your academic studies.

An internship is another way to mix academic studies with business executives. The students of the university can apply to work as interns in a company under the direct supervision of the business executive. They can learn everything firsthand this way. The internship experience will also open up many future job opportunities after graduation. The length of the internship period should be at least two months.

Business executives commonly get involved in academic studies via B2B panels. It might be very hard and time consuming if you try to establish a B2C relationship. So, the easier way is to communicate with the supplier who works in between. In this case, you will find that many companies are very eager. A B2B panel is a great way for a company to gather knowledge about its rival company or the competition in the market. If the company can use some college students in this process, both parties will be benefited greatly. The drawback in this way is that the student might have to do some field works themselves.