Maintenance Of Historical Residences Is Not a Burden with The Right Plan

Maintenance Of Historical Residences Is Not a Burden with The Right Plan

Many historical buildings have lost their splendor and essence due to improper maintenance and ignorance. Therefore, it costs you more later on to preserve a large traditional property. If you plan your maintenance and repair work, it would save a lot of labor and money in the long run.

Historical Houses – Maintenance and Renovation

Have you checked out the video of the Linden Estate of Southampton, New York? It is in the market for $75 million right now. Tim Davis of Corcoran, the leading Hamptons luxury market leader is in listing for this property. He is the best real estate agent at the Hamptons who ranked 10th among the top national agents by volume in 2020.

Linden Estate has a historical building of 18,000 square feet on 160 Ox Pasture Road, Southampton. It has a beautiful landscape imitating a park. Even the name of the estate is after the linden trees that adorn the surrounding grounds.

Though this historical architecture dates back to 1899, the famous designer Steven Gambrel has added a new level of renovation without losing the manor’s original character. It has the best of old-style and modern amenities.

But what has kept these historical houses intact and well-maintained? Create your maintenance plan –

  1. Make a checklist for inspection of all the features of the property.
  2. Point out those that require professional services for both inspection and renovation.
  3. Create a timeline for inspection and services according to the condition of the property.
  4. Prepare a contact list of reliable professionals for inspection and repair.
  5. Draw a maintenance plan and prepare an agreement for regular inspection and maintenance with the concerned professional.
  6. Record all the details of maintenance and repair work along with the date and cost.
  7. Never forget to check for safety when going for inspection.

Checklist For Six Month Inspection

  • Gutters and downpipes
  • Flashing
  • Roofing
  • Foundation of the chimney
  • Painting on woods

Checklist For Annual Inspection

  • Doors and windows
  • Top of the chimney
  • Any masonry including mortar joints
  • Lamination or claddings

Be Aware of Making Mistakes

You should be careful when selecting materials and techniques for the repair and maintenance of historical architecture. You can ruin the structure without proper knowledge. Always start your maintenance work from the bottom of the structure and go upward. Make sure you are taking safety measures before the inspection. Do not force yourself to inspect certain areas which you cannot reach.

Preventive Measures

Adopt these simple preventive measures for regular maintenance –

  • Trim trees to avoid leaf build-up on roofs and around the base of the house.
  • You need an annual pest control program.
  • Peeling paints need immediate touch-ups.
  • You should also change your air conditioner filters and clean condenser coils within 3-6 months intervals.
  • Pour ΒΌ cup of distilled vinegar and clean your AC drain line.

There are many maintenance issues that every household faces that are common to any type of building. You can keep those issues under check by yourself. The most important point is that you should not neglect the maintenance plan on the pretext of not having any major problems currently.