5 Points To Remember When Buying Door Knobs For Your Home

5 Points To Remember When Buying Door Knobs For Your Home

Are you planning to replace the door or install the new one? Do you want to add more security to your property? Well, you can consider using doorknobs in your renovation project. The doorknobs are designed for adding luxury touches to the residential place. There are multiple door fixtures brands in the market, but Emtek is the leading one that offers high-end products to customers. The finishes and designs of the doorknob make it suitable for all kinds of doors and furniture. You can buy stylish Emtek Door Knobs for your home renovation. Here are some benefits of using a doorknob:

  • The doorknob is longer than the door lever handles that making it fit for an older property.
  • In addition, doorknobs are available in different shapes like oval, round, classic ball, bun and more. You can select the right shape that boasts enhanced leverage. If you have elder in your home, pick an oval shape, which offers extra grip.
  • The doorknob is fitted with latches, which rotate the knob in any direction regardless of the door structure.

What to consider while buying door knob

When buying Emtek Door Knobs, the right measurements decide which model is well-matched with the door. Cut-glass knobs and reeded designs are decorative options that suit the modern home. Choosing the knob can be a difficult task because many finishes and styles are available in the current marketplace. You must bear vital things in mind while shopping for doorknobs that aid you to find the right one. Let’s see some important features:

  • Type of knobs 

Door knobs are available in three types such as privacy, passage and dummy. Every type is used for different purposes, so it suits a certain room. Privacy door knob features a button door lock on the side or front that is good for the bathroom and bedroom. Passage doorknob works latches assembly that doesn’t have a locking system. The Dummy doorknob is one-sided, so you need to push or pull it to open the door.

  • Finish and style 

It is vital to look out for the style and finish of the doorknob. The manufacturer offers different glass and metal finishes such as flat black, brass, polished nickel, pewter, bronze, chrome, copper and more. These finishes pair well with modern, traditional and rustic décor.

  • Measurements

Before buying a new Emtek Door Knobs for your home, you must take backset, door thickness, and cross bore measurements. Most doorknobs work smoothly with various door thicknesses.

  • Material of doorknob

In addition, you must pay attention to the material of the doorknob. The doorknob contains a backplate and knob that is made up of different or similar materials. Ceramic and glass materials are used to construct the modern doorknob.

  • Check installation process 

At last, you need to take consideration into the installation process. Many door fixtures contain clear installation steps that allow people to set up easily, and some doorknob models are packed with needed door hardware.

You can buy the top-notch door knot online and add eye-catching visuals to entryways by considering these five features.