Options to Cover Garage Floors




The best place to begin if you want to give your garage some style and color is the floor. Although they are functional, standard concrete slab garage floors can be made attractive and comfortable.

There are many ways to improve a garage floor. Most homeowners struggle with choosing the right option. Xpedite Coatings is the only company to choose for quality and excellence. Xpedite CoatingsĀ specializes in flooring solutions with various materials for commercial, industrial and garage floors. A good way to begin thinking about a garage floor upgrade is to split the options into two categories: coverings and coatings. There are four options.

Floor Epoxy

Epoxy floor coatings can be mistakenly referred to as paint because they are applied using paint rollers. However, the chemical and performance characteristics of epoxy flooring are very different.

Paint hardens by the process of evaporating the solvent (usually water or an oil-based liquid). True epoxy coatings are formed by a chemical reaction between a resin (catalyst) and a hardener (resin). A genuine garage floor epoxy provides a long-lasting, durable and attractive garage floor coating. This product should not be confused with “epoxy paint”, which is a single-part latex paint product that has a small amount of epoxy added to increase its hardness. In terms of overall performance, epoxy paint is not as effective as true epoxy coatings.

You must choose the type of epoxy you want before you begin a garage floor epoxy job.

Floor Paint

Concrete floor paint can be applied to garage floors that have been stained by oil, grease, or rust. Concrete floor paints come in latex and oil-based options. They are designed with a satin finish that is non-slip and resistant to solvents, salts, and other caustic substances.

Some latex floor paints contain a small amount of epoxy resin. This epoxy resin is added to harden the finish and make it resistant to stains. You should ensure that the paint you purchase is approved for concrete floors. These paints will perform better than standard paints when used on garage floors.

Floor Tiles

Although you can cover your garage floor with resilient vinyl tiles, it is not possible to do so. Instead, garages are best suited for one of the many types of rigid, semi-rigid, rubber, or wood composite tiles. These tiles have interlocking edges that create a raised floor with enough strength to support vehicles. When concrete slabs are cracked or stained, floor tiles can be a good choice. The tiles can level out any unevenness in the slab.

Many garage floor tiles can be made of PVC or polypropylene. Many brands offer accessories to finish the edges or thresholds.

Rubber tiles look similar to interlocking tiles used in playrooms, day centers, and similar areas. They are durable and comfortable underfoot which makes them a great choice for homeowners who spend much of their time in garage workshops.

Wood composite tiles are used for flooring in garages. These panels, which measure 2 feet square, can hold up to 4,000 pounds each making them suitable for garage floors. The edges of the tongue-and-groove panels snap together quickly, and a transition strip must be placed at the edges where the flooring meets garage doors.

Floor Mats

A roll-out mat made of rubber or polyvinyl is the best way to cover a garage floor. Mats can be used over concrete floors with minimal preparation, just like garage floor tiles. Some mats look like rugs while others have textured surfaces and others resemble padded mats for gyms. A garage should have mats that are easy to clean and thick enough to resist underfoot.

Reparations and Preparation

Garage floor coverings and coatings should not be used to cover damaged slabs. Cracked or broken concrete can cause problems with any finish, including epoxy and paint if it is not properly prepared and repaired. Garage coatings will not be able to withstand grease and oil stains from concrete. No garage floor covering or covering will stop moisture problems. Before you apply any type of garage floor covering or coating, make sure to address damage, stains, as well as moisture issues.

Insulating concrete slabs is a good idea if you’re planning to convert your garage to a living area or if you simply want to make it more comfortable. The best method is to lay rigid foam insulation and sleeper strips over the concrete slab, then cover it.



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