The Best Way to Get Custom-Made Rugs With Your Company Logo

The Best Way to Get Custom-Made Rugs With Your Company Logo

Your logo can be added to custom-made rugs if you plan to do so. Your logo can be added to your floor mats and rugs at entryways, workstations, POS, or runners in high-traffic areas.

Whether you are a business owner or manager, commercial mats can be a key component in ensuring safety for customers and employees. Although these mats are often overlooked, they can help keep your floors safe and clean.

By effectively scraping the soles of your shoes, they can prevent dirt, moisture, and debris from getting into your facility. This simple act alone will reduce the likelihood of slips and falls in your facility. They can not only protect your facility but also make a lasting impression. Logo mats double their function by protecting your facility while also displaying your company message, slogan, or name in print. Below are some of the additional benefits that logo mats offer to your facility.

Free Advertising and Marketing

Your logo should be visible everywhere you can! You must think outside the box when placing your floor mats. While your business is the obvious choice, it is not the only option. You might also consider providing safety and functionality mats for the events you sponsor, whether it’s in shared lobbies or at local community events. It’s a win-win situation as the recipient saves money and you have the opportunity to market and promote. Your logo floor mats will reinforce your brand even when they are in your business lobby.

It’s visually appealing and fun

You can have a unique design made for your custom-made rug if you’re looking for creative ways to spice things up. You could simply have your logo printed in a bright color to make it stand out against your mat. But many options can now be designed with logos. There are many ways to make a functional  custom rugs with logo a fun and attractive part of your decor.

Floor mats keep your business looking its best

Slips and falls account for millions of visits to the emergency department each year. You will likely be preventing falls in your business lobby by installing rugs and mats on the floor. Your mats are placed for safety reasons, but they also help keep your business clean. They will clean your business’ entryway by removing dirt, debris, and water. These will clean your business’s floors and make it look its best. Place it in areas where employees are likely to stand for long periods or where lines can form. This will ensure that your high-heeled feet do not get damaged.

Use as a part of your display

Consider adding a floor mat to your display if you are attending an off-site convention. You can personalize small displays and pop-up shops with floor mats. This is a simple, but effective way to brand your business when you sell products or services beyond your normal business location. It is also a great display piece for owners of mobile businesses.

You can see that custom-made rugs are a great option. A quality mat can last for a year with proper care and cleaning, but it will be less if there is a lot of foot traffic.