Guide to Opt Pens of Different Kinds to Be Used as Beneficial Quality Writing Material

Guide to Opt Pens of Different Kinds to Be Used as Beneficial Quality Writing Material

There are many types of pens available these days that vary in size, colour, usage and brand. All have their own pros and cons, and a person chooses one according to their needs. No one uses a single type of pen lifelong as all are slightly different in the usage purpose. The person buying them needs to have at the least basic knowledge about different categories of pens to make a wise choice.

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Here is the guide to choose the kind of pens of your choice:

  • Ball-point pen: It belongs to the oldest generation of pens and is extensively used worldwide. If you prefer to write quickly then this pen is the best option. They are cheaply available and the best writing assistance for note-making. The metal ball at the tip of it helps to write smoothly.
  • Fountain pens: One of the oldest generation pens that has gone through many phases of the invention. In the present times, it is a professional choice of pen and is mostly a good choice to gift. There are expensive fountain pens that are classy and write beautifully. Youngsters shy away to use the pen as they need to refill ink many times however it is still favoured by elderly people, professionals, authors and people loving to collect pens.
  • Rollerball pens: This pen is the perfect choice for people, who like to write with a fountain pen as its ink is similar to it. The ink is darker thus the writing looks elegant and stylish. It is cheaper when bought in bulk and there are no chances of ink leakage like it does in fountain pens of low quality.
  • Gel Pens: It is mainly used for its various colours of water-based inks that are highly usable for drawing and for preparing projects. It has a felt tip or metal ball that makes it easier to write on any kind of page. They are available in quite trendy designs, thus a favourite pen among youngsters. It is affordable and long-lasting as you can refill just like rollerball pens.
  • Disposable stick pens: As the name suggests they are disposable and readily available everywhere at a budget-friendly cost. It is cheapest if you buy in bulk hence act as a great promotional tool for traders and manufacturers. They are available in different kinds of ink colours and once the ink finishes, it must be discarded. 
  • Retractable pens: They are commonly known as click pens as it has a clicker on top to be clicked for opening and closure of the tip. It is affordable, easy to write and is available in many different ink colours.

You can make your own choice of pen that is appropriate for your usage.