8 Swamp Cooling Strategies To Keep You Cool

8 Swamp Cooling Strategies To Keep You Cool

Summer heat is unbearable and unfortunately, it’s not going to get any better anytime soon. If you’re looking for a way to stay cool during the hot weather, there are a few things that you can do. One of the most popular ways to stay cool is through air evaporative cooling. Air evaporative coolers use hot air to cool down surroundings. This is done by using a fan to circulate the hot air around the area that you want to cool down.

The traditional home air conditioner is a swamp cooler. The most significant difference is the fact that the swamp cooler uses evaporative cooling methods which work better in dry climates than the cooling that works best in humid areas. These tips and facts will allow you to maximize the cooling power of your swamp cooler, resulting in more efficient home cooling.

Is Swamp Cooling Affected By Seasonality?

Absolutely! Fans are the best choice for light cooling or moving cooler air around your home. Swamp coolers are at their best when temperatures rise. You can improve your energy efficiency by waiting until temperatures rise to 85 degrees. This is a bit too uncomfortable for most people. It is important to wait for the temperature to reach a comfortable level before you turn on your cooling system.

How Does Climate Affect Evaporative Cooling?

In dryer climates, evaporative cooling is more effective. Swamp coolers are best suited for desert states and areas with low moisture. For optimal evaporative cooling, humidity should be at least 70%. The maximum humidity is 74 percent.

Can Open Windows To Increase Airflow Help?

There are a few things that provide better airflow to improve the operation of a swamp cooler than opening your windows. They don’t have to be wide open. A few inches will allow for a surprising breeze to blow through, which aids the cooler’s functionality. There are other benefits as well. Open windows not only allow for dry air to enter your home but also help to remove moist air. This creates the ideal environment for swamp coolers to work effectively.

8 Tips To Help Your Swamp Last Longer

Your swamp cooler provides year-round comfort in summer. Maintaining your evaporative cooling unit will ensure it keeps working. Some tips:

Annually maintain your evaporative cooling system. An experienced company should perform yearly maintenance on your cooler. This will keep your unit in top shape and alert you to any issues before they become major.

Too hot to open windows? Run a humidifier. This reduces air humidity, making the cooler work better. It will cool the home.

Decorate with water-absorbing plants. Water-absorbing plants include succulents, aloe vera, and English ivy. This reduces indoor humidity. These plants can filter your home’s air.

Start the water pump before the fan. Wait five minutes before starting the water pump to ensure the pads are fully saturated. This improves home cooling.

Fans boost the swamp cooler’s cooling ability. Fans help circulate cool air from evaporative coolers. These fans reduce pressure on cooling units, extending their useful life.

Check the swamp cooler’s water level. If the water level’s wrong, adjust the float arm.

Clean cooler pads. These pads improve machine performance.

Before winter, winterize your swamp cooler. This will prepare your unit for spring and summer. Drain the water, disconnect the waterline, blow out the water (essential for winter), and drain the tray. To protect the unit from winter, cover it.