Obligation to the IRS: How a Tax Resolution Company Can Be of Assistance to You?

Obligation to the IRS: How a Tax Resolution Company Can Be of Assistance to You?

A tax debt to the IRS is a stressful situation. In the event that you find yourself in an overwhelming problem of having to pay a lot of money in taxes, it is essential to seek out professional help in order to deal with the complexity of tax resolution. Tax resolution firms can help you resolve IRS debt problems. In this post, we’ll look at the issues of IRS debt, the function of tax settlement businesses, and how https://polstontax.com may help you achieve financial stability.

IRS Debt

IRS debts can be a result of a variety of situations. They include unpaid income taxes and unfiled income tax returns. IRS debt should be taken seriously and addressed immediately. IRS debt can cause many problems for individuals and businesses.

  1. Mounting Interest and Penalties: Unpaid taxes can accumulate penalties and interest, increasing your debt over time.
  2. Asset Seizure: The IRS may take your assets (bank accounts, real estate, and personal property) to satisfy a debt in extreme cases.
  3. Wage garnishment: The IRS may take a portion of the wages you earn to collect taxes. It can take a lot of work to pay your bills.
  4. Liens/Levies: An IRS tax lien can be put on your property and affect your ability to refinance or sell assets. The IRS can issue levies to seize your funds.
  5. Legal Actions: The IRS has the right to take legal action in order to collect a debt. They can do this by filing a federal tax lien and pursuing a case before a tax tribunal.

Role of Tax Resolution Companies

Tax resolution firms help individuals and business owners resolve IRS debt issues. Tax resolution firms offer expert guidance, comprehensive solutions, and efficient and effective ways to resolve problems. Here are a few of the services that tax resolution agencies provide:

  1. Negotiation of Terms with The IRS: Experienced tax professionals negotiate with the IRS at your request to get favourable terms. For example, they may reduce the total amount owed, set up manageable plans for payment, or obtain an offer in compromise.
  2. Filing Missing Returns: If unfiled tax returns are contributing towards your debt, then tax resolution firms can assist you with preparing and filing the necessary returns.
  3. Liens & Levies Release: Tax resolution specialists can help remove liens on your property to prevent any further asset seizures.
  4. Wage Garnishment Relief: Tax resolution agencies can negotiate with the IRS for a reasonable wage levy plan that will allow you to pay your financial obligations.
  5. OIC Assistance: An OIC is an agreement that you can make with the IRS to settle the debt. Tax resolution firms help you to determine if they are qualified and guide you through the application.


If you’re facing IRS debts and need help, a reputable company could make a massive difference to your future financial situation. Their expertise in negotiating and resolving issues with the IRS, as well as developing comprehensive solutions, will help you to regain control over your financial future. Tax resolution firms can help you get rid of your IRS debt. With the help of professionals, you can work through IRS debt challenges and achieve a resolution that allows you to gain financial stability.