Ideas and Advice to Purchase A Right Chandelier – Know What Are They?

Ideas and Advice to Purchase A Right Chandelier – Know What Are They?

Whether you have a large outdoor space or beautiful dining room chandeliers are suitable for both outdoor and indoor space. They give aesthetic appeal to the space and enhance the beauty of your home.

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The following is some information that helps you in purchasing beautiful chandeliers for your home.

Chandelier size

You can purchase a perfect chandelier for your room depending on the following formula. That is –

Chandelier width = Room width + room length

The ideal length of chandelier size is –

  • For small room = 13 to 22 inches
  • Large room = 31 inches
  • Medium room = 22 to 30 inches

Height of chandelier

In general, thumb rule for choosing a chandelier of right height is measuring the height of room and multiplying it with 3 or 2.5.

Tip: If you are purchasing a chandelier over dining table, purchase 1 foot narrower one than your table.

Hanging a chandelier

Over dining table – 32 to 34 inches over the tabletop

Over Kitchen Island – The lighting fixture has to provide enough light, so arrange 32 to 34 inches above counter top for effective out

Over floor – A chandelier bottom must be above 7 feet

How to adjust downrods and chains?

Usually, chandeliers will have 6 feet chain and 10 feet wire. These measurements will be suitable for most of the home installations.

  • Downrods – You can find chandeliers with different downrod lengths so that you can arrange the chandelier at right place. Downrods should not be allowed to alter or cut because downrods will have thread ends, which allow attaching with one another.
  • Chains – You can add or remove chains easily to adjust the chandelier length. Cut excess wire before installation. Leave extra wire, if needed.

Outdoor chandeliers

Outdoor fixtures are of 2 types. They are:

  • Damp rated – These fixtures are ideal for areas, which are not exposed to heavy rains such as patios and porches.
  • Wet rated – Suitable for exposed areas like pergolas and gazebos.

You can also use these outdoor fixtures within the house, but you cannot make use of indoor lighting fixtures outside.

Making use of chandeliers in bathrooms

In bathrooms, place chandeliers over 3 feet away from showers as well as bathroom tubs for safety. Also, make sure that the bathroom must have proper ventilation. Damp environment may lead to malfunctioning of a chandelier.

Dimmers and brightness

A chandelier will change a room completely if it can able to provide right level of lighting. For instance, brighter lighting is suitable above the kitchen islands and romantic, lower lighting is ideal in a dining room. Each and every chandelier comes with some type of bulb recommendations or bulbs so that you can fix them depending on the functionality.

Choose a well-reputed store that sell top-quality and unique style chandeliers and order your favorite chandeliers today depending on the type of room and functionality.


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