Things You Need to Avoid When Heading to a Park or Beach on Weekends

Things You Need to Avoid When Heading to a Park or Beach on Weekends

These days, many people are thinking about one thing for sure that is when we can get outside. Many of us have forgotten about visiting favorite hotel, getting on trains, planes and more. As everything from industries to beaches is going to restart, travelers are thinking to escape and get sufficient amount of D vitamin outside.

In fact, being outside is a nice option, in case you follow necessary precautions such as washing hands frequently, wearing face mask, maintaining social distance at least 6 feet from others and more. Most of the people are staying indoors from months and they are eager to visit public places such as park, beach, etc.

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The following are few things that you have to avoid when enjoying long weekends at a park, beach or some other public places.

Avoid playground or public pool

It is difficult to sanitize a playground and virus will enter into your body when you touch something contaminated. There is no specific evidence to say COVID-19 will spread by hot water, water playing areas and pools. The chemicals that are used in a pool can kill viruses, but it’s good to avoid public pools because they are crowded and has high-touch surfaces around.

Swimming in neighbor’s or friends pool and maintaining distance while enjoying water can lower the risk compared to swimming in a public pool.

Preparing for beach gateway

You have to understand the current situation, everything is reopening and this phase may not be permanent. Government is evaluating the circumstances, beaches are re-opened with certain guidelines and this situation may change according to the situation. So, visit a beach with limited people to reduce chances of exposure to the virus.

Avoid sharing food or eating outside

Consuming outside food is still risky, particularly if you want to share food with others who stay outside that is not in your house. When you are grilling together, use your own plate. Don’t use communal dishes type of food arranging that may increase the chances of getting virus. Maintain social distance when eating with others.

Wear your mask

Even you are in a beach, wearing a face mask is essential when interacting with others. The main reason for wearing a face mask is capturing respiratory droplets, which carry virus from one person to others. A face mask not only protects you but also others too.

There are a range of face masks available on the market such as cloth masks, N95 respiratory masks and others, which you can use when visiting outside.

Additionally, avoid travelling or visiting public places if you are feeling ill, avoid travelling to beach far away, avoid beach volleyball, and other activities that increases the chances of transmission of virus.

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