Bongs of Different Types That You Can Find in the Market

Bongs of Different Types That You Can Find in the Market

Are you looking for your first bong? Nowadays in the market you can find bongs of so many different varieties and that can often be too overwhelming, if you are not an experienced smoker.

You can also buy your bongs online from any reputed online shops like where you will find good many varieties of bongs for you to choose. You may also visit any local smoke shops and have a look at it so that you can get a better idea about the differences between different kinds of bongs.

Let us mention here some of the bongs that are very commonly used by people. However, they are not the complete range of bongs. There are many more varieties available.

1. Carburetor bongs

Those bongs that have got hole in the middle are known as carburetor bongs and people feel that it can give a much intense hit.

2. Straight-tube bong

It consists of simple tube, that is sealed at one end having a stem and bowl that is poking outside. Pour little water in tube and ganja in bowl and smoke.

3. Beaker-shaped bongs

Similar to the above and in the bottom, there is a cone shaped beaker and hence it has been named as such. Smoking process too is the same.

4. Round-based bongs

Another one similar to the above, but have sphere shaped chamber for water having flat base. You can smoke in similar process.

5. Multi-chamber bongs

They are also called recycler bong and is little variation of straight-tube bong. In this kind of bong, straight tube will be separated into 2 chambers connected by tube or 3rd chamber.

6. Percolator bongs

Percolator bong, also called as bubbler bong, is a straight-tube, round base, beaker-shaped or any other shape that you can imagine. What makes them really a unique is that these bongs will contain a percolator too.

7. Bucket gravity bongs

Bucket gravity bongs will usually rely on vacuum that water will leave behind when it will leave an enclosed space. You will find such gravity bongs in two different types:

  • Bucket
  • Waterfall

8. Waterfall gravity bongs

These bongs are quite similar to the above bucket gravity bong. However, instead of pulling bottle up for creating vacuum, you will drain out the water from the bottom.

9. Homemade bongs

If you are without multi-percolator, multi-chamber, beaker-shaped glass bong, then you can construct simple substitute from materials like water bottles, fruit, candy, building blocks, or even snow.

10. Zongs

Zongs are having zig zag design, which is usually in Z shape. While this may look purely aesthetic, actually there are few performance benefits to such type of bong.

11. Scientific glass bongs

Actually, scientific glass will refer to chemical makeup of glass itself. Such type of bong will be made by using borosilicate glass that reduces glass’ reaction to temperature changes.

12. Inline bongs

This kind of bong is usually distinguished by inline percolators that are horizontal percolator built into glass in very creative ways.

13. Dab rigs

They are made for dabbing the wax concentrates, and it has some unique designs for handling the heat/intensity of dabs.