FAQs: How can I Know I’m Getting my Used Car From a Great Dealership?

FAQs: How can I Know I’m Getting my Used Car From a Great Dealership?

It is time you purchase a new car. Well, not a new car… a new-to-you car. Perhaps you have been putting this shopping experience off for a while because you’ve been dreading it. After all, who likes shopping for used cars in Baton Rouge? The experience is going to be long, drawn out, and painful.

It doesn’t have to be this way! If your past car shopping experiences have been negative, you should know that there are better options here in the area. Leave that type of shopping in the past where it belongs and get your next car from a used car dealership that will deliver you an exceptional experience- and a great used car!

If you’re not sure where to begin finding a dealership like this, make a list of what you are looking for. These should include:

#1 Mostly positive online reviews. Before making a trip to the used car dealership, search the internet for their online reviews. Even the best dealership won’t please every single person, so a lone poor review shouldn’t scare you off. If the overwhelming majority of shoppers say they had a good experience with this dealership, you will too.

#2 They are family owned. There are many benefits to shopping at a business that is family owned and operated. Research tells us that these people care much more about their business’s success and their customers than someone hired to work for a company they don’t share an emotional connection with. They will work hard to find a car you’re happy with!

#3 They have many vehicles in stock. A dealership that has a handful of options in stock isn’t going to be able to present your best options. Having hundreds or thousands of options in stock means the specific vehicle you’re looking for is probably there! There may even be the car you wanted in several color choices, just like if you were shopping for a new car.

#4 They have grown to several locations. Any time a business has more than one location, it means they are so good at what they do they’ve been able to expand. You don’t get two, three, or even four different locations by scamming people or selling them cars that aren’t great quality. If they are good enough at what they do to expand, they are good enough to please you and deliver a great used car shopping experience!

#5 They are bilingual. Car shopping can be confusing and overwhelming enough without needing to negotiate and sign legal paperwork in a language you don’t fully understand. If you prefer to shop in Spanish, the right dealership will make this a possibility for you. Give your business to a dealership who allows you to car shop in your native language and feel comfortable and confident the entire time!

These five criteria are not a dream, but a reality. Yes, you can find a used car dealership to check everything off this list!