How To Upload Music On Spotify Without A Record Label

How To Upload Music On Spotify Without A Record Label

There are more independent artists emerging than ever in the past few years. These artists are not sponsored by any huge record label. They are not engaged in contracts or agreements with music labels. They release their music through online digital means and platforms.

Online streaming sites and mediums such as Spotify, Tidal, TikTok, iTunes, Apple Music, and others are some of the most popular sources of music that music lovers are subscribed to. So if you want to put your music on TikTok or upload music to iTunes, you do not need to be backed by well-known music labels.

Selling music without a record label

MusicDigi is an online music distributor that distributes your music worldwide through different streaming platforms. It allows you to make unlimited uploads of music as much as you want at an affordable price of $39.99 per year. It has not collaborated with recording house or labels but is directly tied up with popular music streaming sites.

Just by subscribing to online music distributors such as MusicDigi you can reach out to your audiences. You can sell your music online with the rights to your music being reserved for you. This means that you will get 100% returns on sales from your music. You will not be obliged to work under contract with any label houses and can collaborate with different online distributors.

Guidelines to get your music on Spotify

Spotify is one of the leading music streaming platforms consisting of more than 272 million users worldwide. It is a great media for you to create an artist profile, create a presence, and grow your fan base.

You can now put your song on Spotify without any record label by just hiring a Digital Service Provider (DSP) or distributor such as MusicDigi who has the rights to upload your music on Spotify as common users in Spotify cannot make individual uploads.

  • Have a great recording

Make sure to get high-quality recording files in the appropriate format. Try to be professional with audio technology.

  • Cover art

Design appealing cover art for a good first impression on the music streamers. Make your cover art relevant to the music in the album. Use pixel-sized 2400 X 2400 minimum. Do not include explicit, illegal, or hateful contents.

  • Get the needed license

If your music is 100% original, you can simply upload it. But if you are recording a cover song or with references, get the necessary approval and copyright license, or else you can be accused of stealing other’s work.

  • Find a distributor

Choose a certified and licensed distributor who can release your work worldwide. Be sure to clarify if you want 100% ownership of your music.

  • Strategize your track release

You cannot simply leave everything up to the distributor. Personally engage on social media to hiking your promotional game using available resources.


The emergence of popular digital music streaming platforms such as Spotify has encouraged fresh artists. They can reach out to audiences worldwide without having the support of big and established recording companies.