Types and Applications of Residential Treatment Programs

Types and Applications of Residential Treatment Programs

Residential addiction is one of many forms of treatment that can help with substance use disorder. It allows someone to live at a facility for a long time. The treatment team focuses on their addiction and any other emotional, mental, or physical issues. It’s possible to find the right residential treatment program to meet your needs with the many options. Residential treatment centers have outstanding programs available for substance abuse treatment.

What Kinds of Residential Treatment Programs Can You Get?

Fort Behavioral Health offers addiction rehab in many forms. These include both outpatient and residential addiction treatments. Residential substance abuse programs are beneficial to most people with moderate to severe addictive disorders. It allows for concentrated care. Relapse prevention is possible by obtaining residential addiction treatment.

We Provide A Range Of Residential Treatment Options, Such As:

Addiction and alcohol detox- Detoxification – Your body is monitored closely while you are removing all drugs and alcohol. The treatment of addiction can include medication. The detox process can help you get rid of your dependence on drugs or alcohol.

Traditional Inpatient Medicine – This type is used to treat the brain and body. This is done through a variety of evidence-based, holistic care. This stage is time-consuming and depends on how long it takes for you to reach the goals.

Mental Health Disorder Treatment – Many people with addiction are also suffering from mental health disorders. Dual diagnosis programs are designed to simultaneously treat addiction and mental illness.

Gender-Specific Rehabilitation – This type is offered at men’s rehabilitation programs and women’s rehab programs. It reduces distractions, which in turn allows for better long-term outcomes.

An initial assessment is crucial to help you choose the right type of treatment. Fort Behavioral Health performs an initial assessment. This includes a review of your addiction, current health, and willingness for change.

Permanent Substance Abuse Treatment

Once you’ve completed these types of residential treatment, you can go on to outpatient healthcare. There are several options available for you, such as:

Partial hospitalization Program – This option supports both mental disorders and addiction.

An intensive outpatient program that provides frequent access to therapy.

Outpatient Therapy – Outpatient treatments are a step down in terms of frequency of care.

Aftercare Treatment– This type focuses on a specific schedule or an “as required” basis.

Each one is vital in substance abuse treatment at Fort Behavioral Health. It dictates the amount and type of therapy you receive. The ultimate goal in any situation is for you to have the tools that will allow you to sustain long-term sobriety without relapse.

Which Residential Treatment Programs is best?

You don’t have to make the decision now. Instead, get treatment from a comprehensive health program like Fort Behavioral Health. We will then help you determine what your needs are in terms of mental health and physical. Engage fully in a wide range of Addiction Therapy Programs, which can strengthen your body and provide you with the tools to cope with everyday stressors. You may find you can even embrace extraordinary support and care via group or family therapy programs. This allows for the healing of relationships that have suffered from addiction.