Why And When Should You Hire A Dog Bite Lawyer?

Why And When Should You Hire A Dog Bite Lawyer?

Dogs are enjoyable companion animals, but their bites can inflict serious harm. Each year, over 4.5 million peoples are attacked by dogs. A fifth of those bitten seeks medical assistance due to the severity of their wounds.

Children are more likely to be wounded by dog bites because they may not know how to behave around dogs and are smaller than adults. Believe it or not, the majority of humans who engage with dogs are bitten. There are numerous reasons a dog could bite you:

1. A dog can attack you if it is possessive and protects its “property.” Property may consist of individuals, toys, and even food. The worst offenders are herding types and guard dogs, but any dog can exhibit this behavior.

2. Dogs may bite out of fear. It can bite when in a new area or in the presence of strangers. Dogs can bite when they are scared.

3. When a dog is in pain, it can bite regardless of how nice it is. The source of the pain may be an injury or a medical condition. Consider taking your dog to the veterinarian if it gets unreasonably hostile.

4. Maternal Instincts — regardless of how well-trained it is, a female dog that has just given birth may become aggressive. Carefully handle the puppies and give them a safe, warm area for them and their mother to reside.

5. Some dogs have a prey drive and may chase you if you are cycling or running by. Stop moving and stand motionless facing the dog if this occurs.

When Should You Retain A Dog Bite Attorney?

As soon as a dog bites you and causes injuries, you should consult a dog attack lawyer to assist you in obtaining compensation. You can submit a claim against the dog owner’s insurance coverage on your own, but doing so will place you at a significant disadvantage.

Insurance companies will attempt to provide you with less than you are entitled to since they are familiar with the system. They will even try to make you feel as though you instigated the dog to attack you. A dog bite attorney with extensive experience in such matters will guarantee you receive the justice you deserve.

Why You Should Hire An Attorney For Dog Bites

There are numerous reasons to consider hiring a dog bite attorney:

  1. You fear that the dog owner’s insurance company will take advantage of you during negotiations.
  2. You do not feel comfortable negotiating directly with the dog owner’s insurance company.
  3. You lack the energy and time to begin settlement negotiations with the dog owner.
  4. Your injuries are significant, and you are unable to calculate their actual cost.

They can assist you in documenting your injuries and following the correct procedure to prove that the dog’s owner is liable. They can demonstrate:

  1. The dog’s owner failed to take the essential precautions to prevent the pet from biting others.
  2. The dog has the potential to cause harm
  3. The dog’s owner violated the statute against dog bites and other animal control laws.

A dog bite attorney can also assist you in calculating the:

  1. Expenses incurred as a result of the attack
  2. Your emotional discomfort as a result of the assault
  3. Possible permanent impairment resulting from the assault
  4. Lost pay or time away from work to treat bite wounds.
  5. Replacement of destroyed personal property in the event of the attack
  6. Expenses incurred for treatment of your injuries.