Few Tips to Match Your Watch with Your Outfit

Few Tips to Match Your Watch with Your Outfit

Whether you are planning to attend a formal gathering or any business meeting, it’s worth taking some time to match a watch with your outfit.

Whenever you are in doubt about the selection of your watches, check a few different styles to see which works with the kind of clothing you wear.

One can argue that it is good enough to match the band or strap of men’s watches to your outfit, but there are a few more factors worth taking into consideration.

The following are a few tips that you should remember when selecting a watch to match your outfit.

  • Does the event’s formality dictate the formality of your watch?

Select your dress based on watches as follows:

  • Black tie/white tie – Simple watch for formal events.
  • Business dress – Go with any classic-styled gold/silver watch.
  • Business casual – Any high-end Chrono, field, or pilot watch.
  • Casual – Wear digital accurist watches with your casual clothes.
  • Sports – No need to worry about your watch, as it may fall off or get damaged.


  • Do leather watches need to match your shoes or belt?

The materials used in your belt or shoe should be the reference point for matching the leather strap of your watch. For example, you should wear a black watch band when wearing black shoes and a belt.

However, if your shoes are brown then your band also must be brown. However, a gold or silver band will suit either colour.

  • How do you wear your metal watch bands?

The watch’s metal case should complement any other accessories with metal accents. The case of the watch can be square, round, rectangular, and polygonal. Your finish on the case can be shiny, matte, patterned, or inlaid with few crystals or other jewels.

As far as metals are concerned, choose one that includes steel, silver, gold, platinum, or titanium.

  • How do you match heirloom watches to your dress?

Heirloom watches may not always follow the basic rules of matching watches with clothes.

They are simply a great conversation piece, and hence they make you memorable. You can always bend or even violate the rules with your heirloom watches.

  • Whenever in doubt, match the watch to your shoes

A silver watch can match best with any shoes in grey, black, silver, and blue shades. Gold watches can easily go with browns, tans, beiges, and any other earth tones.

By using these tips, you can ensure proper harmony between your dress and your watch.