Heated Tobacco Product Manufacturers Targeting the Next Generations for Smoke-free Alternatives

Heated Tobacco Product Manufacturers Targeting the Next Generations for Smoke-free Alternatives

These days, another new product called HTP (Heated tobacco products) is being marketed in the USA and it is projected as a better alternate to smoking. This product is a technology-derived product and hence going to appeal more to younger generations.

However, the American Academy of Paediatrics has already warned that the devices are containing almost an equal amount of nicotine like any traditional cigarette and can give off certain second-hand aerosol, which can be unsafe to breathe.

According to experts, in case someone is interested to quit smoking then there are many safer alternatives available. However, the purpose of this new product is to continue with the same habit of smoking and also the addiction.

Besides, these devices may also contain certain chemicals like CO (Carbon monoxide), which is also a poisonous gas, ammonia that is used in most household cleaners, acetone, which is the active ingredient present in the nail polish remover and benzene, which is a certain component of gasoline.

You can buy these products from the website of sticks.sale, which is based on Swiss technology. Earlier e-cigarettes were also marketed as an alternative to cigarettes and now the new addition is HTP, however, the following are the comparison between the two.

Whether e-cigarettes and HTPs use real tobacco?

These heated tobacco devices will heat real tobacco to a certain specific temperature range, by using a certain electronic heat-control system for preventing it from burning. On the other hand, e-cigarettes will vaporize a solution of an e-liquid that contains nicotine and flavours when any user will draw on it.

Whether e-cigarettes and HTPs contain nicotine?

Both heated tobacco products as well as most e-cigarettes will contain nicotine, though some e-liquids for e-cigarettes can be nicotine-free. Nicotine can be addictive and also not risk-free.

Whether nicotine is added to e-cigarettes and HTPs?

In all heated tobacco products, natural nicotine will be present in the tobacco that is used in these products whereas, in e-cigarettes, nicotine will be derived from tobacco that will be added further to the e-liquid that is used in these products.

Whether e-cigarettes and HTPs are smoke-free?

As there will be no burning involved, hence neither heated tobacco and also nor e-cigarettes produce any ash or smoke rather they use certain heating systems for generating an aerosol that is inhaled by users.

So, whether HTP is safe for young people?

If your teenage children are trying to inhale these kinds of products or any other type of chemicals going into their lungs, then they are putting their lungs health at risk according to experts.

Since, most of the teens when heading back to their school during this fall, most experts are insisting all parents and families take note of these and beware of new, dangerous products. As you know very well Nicotine can be just so powerful.

One should remember, there is no safer tobacco product available on the market. Therefore, certainly, these products are also not very safe and harmless, particularly to these teenagers whose brain is now in the developing stage.